Breast Implants enhance the fullness of the breasts. They provide additional breast volume for women who have never had it, and can restore breast volume for women who have lost it. The result is an increase in breast size that restores confidence. So what happens if your Breast Implant deflates? Whether the implant wears out or ruptures due to an accident, what happens next?

Deflated Breast Implants need to be removed and replaced. The good news is that all FDA approved Breast Implants in the USA come with a warranty. Each manufacturer has slightly different coverage and requirements. The information provided here is correct as of the time of publication; however, it is best to check with the manufacturer for the latest information.

In general, all Breast Implant Manufacturers provide lifetime replacement for breast implant deflation. Additionally, for deflations that occur within ten years of the original surgery date, financial assistance may be provided to defray the cost of surgery. The amount of coverage varies by manufacturer and type of implant (Silicone vs. Saline). Some companies have a standard free Breast Implant warranty, and also offer an enhanced warranty, for an additional charge, that increases the amount covered. Currently, all manufacturers provide enhanced coverage for their Silicone gel filled Breast Implants.

Scroll down to see all three companies’ Breast Implant Warranties, or, if you know your Breast Implant Manufacturer, click their logo below to skip ahead.


Every effort is made to keep the breast implant warranties listed on this site up-to-date; however, manufacturers may change them without notice. Be certain to check your manufacturer’s website for the latest information.

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Breast Implant Warranties

The three major breast implant manufacturers in the US are Natrelle® (Allergan), Mentor (a division of Johnson & Johnson) and Sientra (OPUS). All stand behind their unique breast implant product lines with generous warranties, including lifetime replacement of your implant should you experience a deflation. Breast implant leaks which occur within ten years of your initial breast augmentation surgery may qualify for additional financial assistance to defray the cost of Breast Implant Deflation Replacement Surgery, i.e. replacing your old breast implants with the new breast implants. For your convenience, warranty details are available here. Breast Implant warranties are frequently updated, so be certain to check your breast implant manufacturer’s web site for the latest information.

Natrelle® Breast Implants (Allergan)

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Natrelle® Breast Implant Lifetime Product Warranty:

ConfidencePlus® Warranty

As a recipient of certain Natrelle® style saline and silicone filled breast implants you are automatically enrolled in the ConfidencePlus® Warranty. For silicone filled implants Natrelle® is currently upgrading the warranty to the ConfidencePlus® Premier Warranty at no charge. (See below.) For saline filled breast implants the warranty is as follows, and depends on when your Breast Augmentation was performed:

ConfidencePlus® Premier Warranty

Enrollment for ConfidencePlus® Premier Warranty is automatic for Natrelle® silicone filled breast implants. For Natrelle® saline breast implants, an additional enrollment fee of $200 must be paid within 45 days of surgery. The warranty includes:

BioCell® Replacement Warranty

On July 24, 2019, Allergan® announced a voluntary worldwide withdrawal of unused BioCell® textured breast implants from doctors’ offices and hospitals, and a suspension of any future sales. As a result of this product withdrawal, if you and your plastic surgeon decide to remove your textured breast implants, Allergan® will cover the cost of new, smooth replacement devices under the BioCell® Replacement Warranty. As part of this program, Allergan® will not be providing surgical fee assistance.

Sientra® Breast Implants (OPUS)

Sientra® Breast Implant Warranty and Replacement Policy

Sientra® currentlly offers the best breast implant warranty. They manufacture only high strength Silicone-filled Breast Implants. All Breast Augmentation patients are covered with their enhanced warranty. Enrollment is automatic and no additional fees or paperwork are required. A copy of the warranty can be viewed by clicking here: Sientra® Silicone Gel Breast Implant Warranty. Warranties do change from time to time, so be certain to check with Sientra directly for the latest details.

Sientra® Breast Implant Warranty

Mentor® Breast Implants (Johnson & Johnson)

Mentor® Breast Implant Lifetime Replacement Policy

In the event of a qualifying deflation of a Saline-Filled Breast Implant or rupture of a MemoryGel® Breast Implant, Mentor® will replace your Breast Implant, free of charge, over your lifetime. Implantation of the Saline-Filled, MemoryGel® or MemoryShape® Breast Implant, as well as any subsequent procedures, must be in accordance with current Mentor® product literature and accepted plastic surgical procedures by appropriately qualified licensed physicians for product to qualify for replacement under the Mentor® Product Replacement Policy. What is covered depends on the warranty in effect at the time of your surgery. More details are available by clicking here: Older Mentor Warranties (prior to October 6, 2014). For the latest information, it is best to check the Mentor website directly.

Mentor® Saline Breast Implant MENTORPromise® Protection Plan Breast Implant Warranty

The Standard Advantage Breast Implant Warranty currently only applies to Mentor® Saline-Filled Breast implants, as the MemoryGel® and MemoryShape® Silicone Gel Breast Implants qualify for the Enhanced Advantage Warranty, free of charge, since February 15, 2007. Details of the MemoryGel® Silicone Gel Breast Implants are included below. Click the following link for details of the: Mentor® Saline-Filled Breast Implants Standard Advantage and Advanced Advantage Breast Implant Warranties.

Mentor® Saline Breast Implant MENTORPromise® Enhanced Protection Plan Advantage Breast Implant Warranty

This warranty is optional for all Saline-Filled Breast Implants. To be eligible, you must be purchase the Enhanced Advantage Breast Implant Warranty for an enrollment fee of $200 within 45 days from implantation. Click to view a copy of Mentor’s® Mentor® Saline-Filled Breast Implants Standard Advantage and Advanced Advantage Breast Implant Warranties.

Mentor® Silicone Breast Implant MENTORPromise® Protection Plan Breast Implant Warranty

This warranty is currently standard for all MemoryGel® and MemoryShape® Silicone Gel Breast Implants. To view a copy of Mentor’s® Silicone Gel Warranties click here: Mentor’s® MemoryGel® (Silicone Gel) Breast Implant Warranty and Mentor’s® MemoryShape® (Silicone Gel) Breast Implant Warranty.

Mentor® Silicone Breast Implant MENTORPromise® Enhanced Protection Plan Breast Implant Warranty

This warranty is optional for all MemoryGel® and MemoryShape® Silicone Gel Breast Implants. You must purchase the enhanced plan for $300 within 45 days of your Breast Augmentaion. To view a copy of Mentor’s® MemoryGel® and MemoryShape® Silicone Gel Warrantis click here: Mentor’s® MemoryGel® (Silicone Gel) Breast Implant Warranty and Mentor’s® MemoryShape® (Silicone Gel) Breast Implant Warranty.

*Lifetime product replacement means the manufacturer will provide a replacement Breast Implant of any size in the same or similar style as the originally implanted product free of charge for the lifetime of the patient. Upon the plastic surgeon’s request, a different implant style may be selected (subject to a charge of the difference between product list prices). In other words, if you trade up for a more expensive Breast Implant, there is a charge equal to the increase in price.

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