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Mommy Makeover is a term for a combination of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that enhances the breasts and enhances the abdomen – the two areas that mommies most often want restored. The most frequently performed combination by our San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgeon is the pairing of a Breast Augmentation with Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck). While a detailed discussion of Abdominoplasty is beyond the scope of the San Francisco Breast site, information about Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Mini Tummy Tucks is available on the Tummy Tuck Page.

The breast and abdominal procedures vary, depending on what needs to be fixed and what your desired endpoints are. A Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation Lift or Breast Reduction may be substituted for the Breast Augmentation. Liposuction or a Mini Tummy Tuck may be used instead of the Tummy Tuck, when an Abdominoplasty is more than is needed for the abdominal rejuvenation.

The most common reason for a Mommy Makeover is to restore a firm belly and breasts after pregnancy. It is best to wait until you are finished having children before having a Breast Augmentation or Tummy Tuck, to avoid having additional procedures.

Pregnancy is not the only reason for the Mommy Makeover. Weight fluctuation, especially massive weight loss after vigorous dieting and exercise, or after Bariatric Surgery, can cause similar problems with the breasts and belly.

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