Post-Surgical Diet:

A small percentage of patients may experience some nausea after the procedure; this may continue for 24 hours. On the day of your procedure, take liquids only. You may have a soft diet in the evening, if you are not nauseated. Resume your regular diet the next day as tolerated.


Care Of The Surgical Site:

Swelling of the breasts is normal postoperatively, and will decrease over a two to three week period. There are incisions under each breast which are sutured with “pull-through” sutures. These will be removed one to two weeks postoperatively. Keep your dressing dry at all times. The dressing will be removed in the office approximately five (5) days after surgery.

Bring a good support brassiere (no underwire or push-up bras) with you the day of your operation. Do not take it off to wash until after your first postoperative office visit. Sleep in your brassiere for two weeks. You should never make a habit of going braless during the day. You must wear your bra for 24 hours/day, for the first two weeks, following your surgery (DO NOT remove it when you sleep). Dr. Mele strongly recommends that you continue to wear a bra (without underwire) for 12 hours/day for the first six months.

Bathing Instructions:

Until your first postoperative visit, you should only take sponge baths. Then you may shower. The tapes (steri-strips) over your incisions can be pat-dried. Do not take these off. They will come off on their own.


There may be a feeling of tightness and discomfort throughout the chest area for which pain medication will be prescribed. Each day will be an improvement. You may not drink alcohol, drive or operate heavy machinery while taking your pain medication. It may cause drowsiness, and impair your judgment.

Anesthesia Instructions:

The effects of anesthesia can persist for 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, you should limit your activity to the house for that period. In addition, you should not drink alcohol, drive or operate heavy machinery for 24-48 hours after anesthesia. Do not make important financial decisions for 48 hours.

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Postoperative Breast Examinations:

Resume monthly self breast examinations. Your personal physician should resume routine breast examinations annually. You should obtain a mammogram following the guidelines set forth by the American Cancer Society.

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